Lil Wayne: Musician, Philanthropist, Total Pussy Charmer

Last night, journalist and vice-presidential career ruiner Katie Couric interviewed Lil Wayne for the Grammies. They did all the things you'd imagine doing with Lil Wayne. They went bowling, went on a journey through his face, hung out at her office, and then somewhere along the way possibly drank some sizzurp and smoked a fuck ton of weed.
What surprised me most about her interview first, is how astonishingly charming Wayne is. In the interview he always referred to her as “Miz Katie” and almost teared up talking about the aftermath of Katrina on his hometown of New Orleans. He was a honor roll student! A for totes adorable! It seems that Wayne, like most scary dudes with face tattoos, has a total case of Pretty Woman syndrome. A gangsta with a heart of diamond encrusted platinum indeed. The second thing, which is little less surprising knowing LigerBeat-y bitch I am, is how much I totally want to bang Lil Wayne now. Not only does he have a total case of crazy eyes, which is sort of my favorite flavor at the moment, but he’s fucking hilarious!
Lil Wayne's crazy eyes
The last 4 minutes are peppered with nuggets such as this one, when asked about his love of the green. “I am rapper, Miz Katie, and a gansta. I do what I want. And I love to smoke,” which he says he does now for “medical reasons.” I nearly busted my shit when he does the weather report. Forecast looks wet and fucking horny! So in the tradition of dudes we’d totally let stick it in us, Lil Wayne, we drop these panties for you!

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