kid friendly condoms?

Aka the most adorable condom packages I have ever seen!!
see more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/most-adorable-condoms/



The Ladies and I spent a wonderful weekend in Richmond, Virginia, for the epic BEST FRIENDS DAY 8! Aside from our natural ability to make guys take their pants off and let us photograph their dicks, we managed to sneak in this picture with Oderus Urungus of GWAR. Oderus hosted the nacho cheese bmx bike jump with special guest Matt Hoffman. After all the gnarly jumps over the incredibly cheese nacho pit, we turned the whole yard into one giant nacho cheese fight. There's only one real ending to a good food fight, and thats to eat nacho's off of someone dick.......


To Our Success!

Check it out, Liger Beat has been featured in the Time Out New York blog, as well as in this weeks magazine.


To all of our readers and all of our fantastic dicks, thank you for inspiring us to keep on Beatin!