Stoned To The Bone.

My bestie Ryder Ripps sent me this pic in my email. I need it in my life, I want it in my life! Also, Its Friday! To celebrate I suggest you watch this video he posted on the 21st. The best part, for me personally, is the Rolling Stone cover with Brad Pitt on it next to the upside down American flag. Oh, and the way he walks to the camera to turn it off.


i now like being employed and having some down time to draw for my beaters.....
if you have any good ideas for me to draw that are liger worthy.... leave a comment... you just might see it up here!



The famous Ryder Ripps said he dedicated a blog to me. At first I thought he meant this and laughed my ass off. But then I saw this gem to the left. I am glad to see they had the smarts to list something to put all the dicks in, cause I never forget to pick up the dicks but I always forget something to carry them in! I think I should sting a couple of these dick gourds on a necklace for a nice summery tropical dick hunter look. And of course, I can keep them in a bowl when I get them back to the nest. Thanks Ripps, I gotta get back to my tie dying now, seriously.