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So I have been ranting for a few weeks about how I believe Lady Gaga is "brain washing the youth of America." Everyone and their mother seems to love this chick, and I cannot see why. She's a puppet, a barbie, plastic and easily changed. We all know she desperately seeks attention, good or bad, and succeeds in all ways. Even if you hate her with a deep, burning passion, you cannot stop talking about her. Gaga gaga gaga gaga gaga. It's all I hear these days. After reading this article I'm am thoroughly convinced she is either the anti-christ or whoever she works for is.


look familiar?????

everytime i lift my shirt, a part of me dies inside

oh america and your crazy sex stories....

I'd elect him

MA State Senator Scott P. Brown was banging! I don't care if it fucks up his career now, I'd hit it in a second!

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vintage porn

God even porn was cooler in 1920s.

Germany has the right idea!

Think tabloid wars are intense in America? This is part of a newspaper war in Germany! If I had a nickle for everytime I wanted to put a giant penis on someone's building.....
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