All-ladies art show tonight!

Curated by the lovely INDIE...come through for the opening party and show some love for the ladies in the graf game. You know we'll be there!


Ligerbeat Just Went To Print!

We hit a couple first time snags, including being cock blocked by the first printer we sent it to. They don't do adult and then we had to wait forevs for our refund. I know you are all sitting on blue clits right now but you're about to get hit in the face with a ton of sweet sausage very soon. To tide you over, I give you a new fav site of mine: Awkward Boners! I know they are covering up the goods but it still rules my world. I am sad that they got so many presidential dicks, I thought we were gonna own that. Can't wait for you dudes to see the meat we've been cookin' up.