Vice, We love you too!

Dearest Vice, If you did an issue full of pussy our mags could press together and get paper cuts in sweet soft spots while dog earring all the real juicy pages. Just saying. Thanks for all the love.
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There are totally are 77 dicks, some are repeats though. Which I guess is a bit of a sham since if you fuck the same dick twice you don't count it twice. But who cares, its my dick party and I'll count repeats if I want to. Oh and illustrations count too!

See you at your Vice Guides party tonight dickstallions.


We released Ligerbeat issue #1 to much fanfare. Along with our ladyjuices. All over your faces.

So the very first Ligerbeat issue release party was so epic that it took us over a week to blog it. Seriously. We were still in recovery from the amount of awesome that you d-lovin' asspeople threw in our faces. In fact, we were so busy partying with you jerkfaces that we didn't even flick a single fucking penis all night, but luckily those are never in short supply where the ligerbeat hoes be at. I could prattle on for days about how great the shit was, but instead I'll let these pictures of free condoms, delicious cupcakes, ragin' deejays, cute dudes, hot chicks, muhfuckas stuntin' in front of our motherfucking wizard-chugging-ballantines-with-an-RIP-MJ-vanity-plate backdrop, sex toys for sale, random guy playing a banjo, retarded dance moves, and good times speak for themselves.

jazmin venus

So if you weren't there, you should pretty much feel like the biggest asshole ever right now. The fuck were you thinking scrams? It's okay, just make sure you're at our next event--a dicktastic outdoors field day jumpoff in the works right now--and all will be forgiven.

Photos courtesy of bonerfide Ligerbabes Baby Mabry and Jazmin Venus.

And for more pics, including some really sweet ones of our fave craysians The Notorious MSG performing, check out the amazing Rebecca Smyne's photos on myopenbar.


It's always nice when you come home and your room mate has a sweet youtube video for you. Hey ladies I'm filming a rap video meet me in the cemetery.