Let's Talk About Sex Baby!

As young pornographers and sex enthusiasts, the Ligerbeat team was more than excited when we found out there was a Sex in America lecture happening at the New York Open Center co-sponsored by Huffington Post. The idea of sitting in a room full of people who have potentially all had orgasms in the last 24 hours makes a girl feel right at home. Plus, I mean come on, sitting in a room of people who love talking about sex as much as we do sounds pretty dope.

The lecture, which was actually more of an open conversation, was led by sex superdiva author Esther Perel, with a panel full of sex geniuses chiming in. There was a motley crew of individuals all seeming very eager for the discussion to begin. We made our way to VIP (big ups to the lovely Gail Johnson), whipped out our pens and notebooks, and began Ligerbeating.

We were asked what social conversation we would like to see happening, and what issues are currently being dealt with. Each of the varied panel judges gave their opinion.

Dickalicious author Cory Silverberg had interest in obsession with sexual individualism and the much-needed change in sex education, as well as sex laws and the way that sexual offenders are dealt with. As he put it, there's a lot of sexual conversation going on in America, but the mainstream media is doing a shitty job of creating a larger dialogue.

Sextastic Leonore Tiefer, a longtime professor and sex educator at NYU, feels the idea of sex should not be taught as something that is natural, . As part of a greater effort to change public opinions on sex from what it was in the fifties--shameful, demonized--to something we can talk about, many sex educators have preached that it's "natural" to have sex. But the problem with that, according to Dr. Tiefer, is that putting that label on sex pushes us to define and normalize it, when sex is not something that can be universally defined. It's different for every single person on this earth. It actually blew my mind when she was talking about the sociohistoric conceptions of sex. Good stuff.

Amy Sohn, sex blogger and columnist, touched on some really interesting issues about mating versus breeding and the misconceptions of sex and marriage. I was really interested in the topic of keeping a good sex life after 50 years of marriage and the roles of women all throughout their sexual and dating growth. The unrealistic 1950's image and expectations that is being shoved down the throats of Americans needs to stop and I completely agree.

Cunnilingus contortionist Ian Kerner, PhD and author of She Comes First talked about the lack of sex in America. He felt that couples do not talk about sex on an open normal level. He had some great things to say about the retarded levels of censorship he faced on his book tour--like how when he went on morning tv and they wouldn't show the title of his book. He also writes about a pussy-eating master move called the rope-a-dope lick. I'm not sure what it's all about but it sounds awesome. Pussies all over the world moisten at the mere mention of its name.

Clearly it was an amazing night. We talked about desire and love. Everyone called for a better sexual education model. We discussed infidelity and views of sex in other countries. We talked about the lack of women in the pornography field and we ensured the crowd that we were taking the porn world over. It was such a good night and we even got to meet sex glamazon Candida Royalle, founder of Femme Productions, who was wearing a pair of fishnets I would die for. There were lots of opinions there, but one thing we all agreed on: there's not enough people talking about sex. We give it so much power but there are so many couples who don't even communicate about what they do and don't like! If everyone knew the right way to ask to get their o-face on, there would be no beef. Like, ever.

People were really amped about the Beat. We have never felt so loved and we met some pretty crazy peeps. Beating has never been better.

mason rose lee
known pornographer

Oversexed Ladies Doin Their Thing

Robots in Disguise The Sex Has Made Me Stupid

I was tubing one day and I stumbled upon Robots In Disguise Turn It Up video. I immedietly was hooked to their sweet spastic dance moves and bumpin electronic beats. I've made this video my personal theme song. The Berlin dance scene is full of amazing acts but Robots in Disguise is by far my favorite.

Nicky Click
Don't Call Me Baby

Nicky Click is serious business. This super sassy girl from Olympia brings to life her red and black lace dream world with songs that deal with female identity, dancing hard and being comfortable with yourself and your sexuality. I give her two cocks up. www.nickyclick.com





LigerBeat is going to a Sex In America Symposium tonight, we are hella stoked to be amongst other smut lovers. After we are going to be at this pizzarrty, dick huntin and getting looooose on the floor. Check out my blogs about the night on bust.com, here and here oh and here.
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Spin Of The Bottle

When I was a kid I was not very popular. There were no birthday party invites. There were no crushes or love notes fold in strange ways left in my locker.

So in the spirit of awesomeness I decided to throw my own party. So for all of you who ever had it hard remember that your life is amazing now. And you can re write history with the spin of a bottle.

Photos by known pornographer SLICK BLACK

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Ligerbeat Road Trip TAKE 2

I am currently sitting on the Chinatown bus. I have my coat on the seat next to me with my briefcase so It looks like someone else is already sitting here. I just started coughing to try to protect my seat from outsiders but the percentage of a seat alone is in the low percentile. I am going to Brooklyn on business. Not New York but Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a brothel of sin and pleasure. It is cheap beer, broken teeth, broken streets, a mash up of fashion and art. It is where I will call home for the new few days.

I am going all out for Ligerbeat this weekend. We are so close to print. Being a known pornographer has turned out to be the best job in the history of the world. The three things I want most in life are Good Sex, Power and last but certainly not least Dresses. Lots of dresses. Gold dresses, black dresses, short dresses. I want to be wrapped in a world of chiffon and lace while directing a double penetration scene.

Hello world welcome to the life of Mason Rose Lee. I wish this bus would move faster. I am so far away from my beloved Ligers. It was less than two years ago I started dicking down with the fine ladies of Ligerbeat. There is something nice about being able to sit down comfortably open a beer and talk about the love for some hard D. Delicious D.I.C.K.

Tonight the ladies will be in full effect. We are official dick recorders. And we are looking an yearning for you. I will be out looking for NERD D tonight. So put on your over sized glasses and throw on your star wars shirt boys. I am coming for you.

Known Pornorgapher
Dino Dickologist


We got a lot of dicks on our plate.

Dear readers, please accept our most humble apologies for the lapse in blogation. We have been busy little boner bees getting all of our dicks in a row for the printing and release of our first issue, which we expect to premiere in less than two weeks! We hope y'all dudes are as excited as we are. If you haven't preordered your copy yet, get your twat over to www.ligerbeat.com and cop that ish! Oh, and stay tuned here for info about the NYC release party! But for now, I leave you with this.

You know there could never be too many dicks on the dancefloor for us. But still...we love these dudes, and anything about dicks.