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What does a former host of "The Man Show" know that the feminist blogosphere apparently does not?
That heterosexual women actually like to look at hot guys.

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel recently commented that women are actually more "hound-like" than men.

Kimmel was interviewing Jensen Ackles, a hot young actor whose female fans were screaming so excitedly that Kimmel threatened to hose them down.

It’s a sad day when a comedian who used to end his show with bikini-clad women jumping on trampolines knows more about female desire than allegedly "pro sex" feminist bloggers do.

I've been reading feminist blogs for years now, and I must say I'm rather disappointed. Puzzled, even. Reading sites like Bust.com, Bitchmagazine.org, Feministing, and even the more overtly sexual ones like Violet Blue, I'd swear the writers put feminists into 2 categories: horny lesbians and heterosexual women with no sex drive whatsoever who just want to talk about equal pay.

But wait! Feminist bloggers are publishing books like "Yes Means Yes" and compilations of female-written erotica!
Words. Yawn.

What's really tragic is that horny straight women like me ARE finding plenty of titillation these days in an unlikely place: the corporate media.

Hot, shirtless actors can be seen all over network television, and many of these same actors can be seen strutting their stuff in mainstream magazines. Heck, Smallville actor Justin Hartley can be seen shirtless in 3 (count them THREE!) corporate magazines this month alone. But you wouldn't know that from reading the "sex positive" feminist blogosphere.

Why, oh why, do the old white men who run Time Warner know more about what women want than feminist writers?

I don't know the answer. But I thought it was high time I lodged a complaint.


Editors Note: I wonder if she realizes I work for BUST. Erika I am not totally sure what you are saying you want here, but if you want to see shirtless dudes, we got 'em. if you want dicks, check. ass, balls, smiles, sticky spludge hands. we are bringing you all that in issue one of ligerbeat magazine, it's gonna be out the first week of March (I know we were aiming for V-day but its the first ish so please bear with us.) get ready to get wet ladies, adult swim!

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