Mason Rose Lee: the birth of a known pornographer

When you get a call from your ladies and they offer you a chance to be
a part of the evolution of dicks you don't ask questions you just say
when. I myself have always been a dick connoisseur some would say dick enthusiast. I've dedicated a good decade of my life to the art and knowledge of boning. I'm a huge webnerd. Sex blogs, Sex sites, Porn a plenty you name it I have it and I know it.

Unfortunately I rarely find men in print or in movies that I would be attracted to.
I want a real guy. Give me a guy who can throw back a few dozen pbrs and
ride me home on his handle bars then rail me. Give me a dude with a
messed up grill and a sweet swagger. I want a guy to lay me on a bed
and cover me with marvel fleer cards.

I would say my favorite thing about liger
beat is the wide spectrum of women they reach out to. We all are
attracted to different types of men for different reasons and we are really
trying too focus on pleasing all types of readers. You will be able to
see that when the magazine comes out.

So here's my store about my first porno shoot:

I caught the China Town bus from Richmond Va on Saturday night at 12. I had a show booked at my store and I quickly shut it down and ran to the bus station. (outside of being a known pornographer I also own a store a venue and I run a womens collective) I received a message the day before from a guy telling me
that he was posing with me in the photo shoot the next day and he wanted to say hello. I had no idea who he was but he was hot as shit and mansized so that is always a
plus since I'm use to boys who weigh 110 pounds in my city. I tried to
sleep on the bus but thoughts of dicks were swimming in my head.

I arrived in NY at 7am took the J and went to the my girl Dre's house. We
chilled. I showered and then myself and the photographer headed towards
the shoot. we walked in and the ladies were making actual dick magnets
and I was formally introduced to the other model I was posing with.

It was pretty interesting. Part of you is trying to do the quick meet
before you take off your clothes. Then another part of you is thinking
about how your tits will look on the camera. Then another part of you
is thinking how horrible will it be if he can't keep a boner.(KEPT A BONER FOR 5 HOURS OFFICIALLY LIGER APROVED) And thenyou kind of just want to get fucked and then you realize there is
cameras and people eating pizza around you. Which is actually pretty
awesome now that I am thinking about it. Well Luckily the guy I was
posing with is a bonified hottie and is someone who I would be really attracted to if I met him normally so BIG UPS TO THE LIGERBEAT LADIES FOR THE MATCH.

It was so much fun. Lots of laughing, Amazing 70's set, lots of pizza and who doesn't like making out for hours. The shoot lasted for 5 hours. The photographers
were great. The all female LigerBeat staff is perfect to work with. It
went by really quickly and I think the photos look pretty killer. I am
finally a known pornographer. Mason Rose Lee from Virginia. Here to
please when you're in need.

Mason Rose Lee
known pornographer
ads and talent
ligerbeat magazine

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