Ladies from different burrows and different states get together to throw a groundbreaking dance down cock out fundraiser for the first print of Ligerbeat.
Are you a cockcrazy hound? Do you find yourself prowling for dick on a weekly if not daily basis? Ladies, we understand and we are more than proud to bring you the future of pornography.

Big dicks, Not so big dicks, white dicks, black dicks, yellow dicks,thick dicks, skinny dicks. We are erupting with dicks and planning our global takeover.
We are more than stoked to help a sister out. Dicks will never be the same.

Thank you everyone for coming out in support. We look forward to bringing you many more events and photos.
And if you are a dickworthy individual who has a dick worth print or a photographer who has an eye for an hard-on please feel free to contact us at ligerbeat@gmail.com

Mason Rose Lee
known pornographer
ads and talent
ligerbeat magazine

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