Will You Be My Number 2

Kels really kills it with this track. You have to listen to it off his myspace right now. I looked up the lyrics and this is what I found straight off metro lyrics. Perhaps written by the man himself.

It’s his best track since trapped in the Closet in my opinion. Peep my thoughts in bold.

Be My Number Two

verse 1:

i could never be ya boyfriend

cuz uu knoe ii gotta speacil girl

(yeap, exactly as I copied it)

nd ii cud never be ya husband

but dht dnt mean uu still dnt rock ma world

nd ii can uu take uu to an island

(what the hell is with the double u)

we can be there just the two of us

god ii love to see uu smilin

all i ask is that you keep it hushed


be ma #2

gurl i love you

be my #2

gurl i need you

be my #2

gurl ur so fine (I think he says "so phat" first?) (so fine)

be my #2

but you will never be my #1 (echo x3)

verse 2:

ii cud take you out to dinner

but theres a couple places we wont go

cuz #1 is a beginner

nd theres a couple things that she dnt knoe

(right? is ths shrt hnd?)

so i can take you to a hotel

we can be there just the two of us

gurl i love you cuz uu dnt tell

nd uu knoe how to keep it hush hush


be ma #2

gurl i love you

be my #2

gurl i need you

be my #2

gurl ur so fine (so fine)

be my #2

but you will never be my #1 (echo x3)


The way you give it to me

ii gotta have it (have it)

cuz shes ma beauty queen

nd ur ma have it (haa--aave it)


so baby.....


be ma #2 (yea)

gurl i love you (ooo i love you)

be my #2

gurl i need you (gurl ii need you)

be my #2

gurl ur so fine (so fine)

be my #2

but you will never be my #1 (echo x3)

It may sound crazii

be my number 2

ur my second baby

be my number 2


wud uu lyke to me ma number 2


listen to me

though i love your sex

i cant.i cant leave her


though ya ass is incredbile (incredible)

i cnt.i cnt leave her



we cud have fun

nd we cud do things gurl

we can do anything uu wnt

nd do it all night long

uu cud be ma number 2

uu cud be ma number 2

ii wanna hve some fun with you (yea!)

nd she dnt have to know

all the thounges (WHAT?) behind doors

(yeaaaa.ooooyea ooo)

For whatever reason he leaves out the best part! So I included it:

Dj Wayne Williams

I see you baby

Untitled ya’ll


Like you just don’t care, haha

Oh, we gone with this one, we out of here with this one.

Ummm,,,to all you hating motherfuckers, yeah. All you hating motherfuckers.uhhuh,

All you hating motherfuckers, slap. Slap. Slap. Slap.

One of the best comments on the youtube of that song was something along the lines of "Kels, after getting in trouble for dropping number one on a young ass bitch; don't drop a number 2!" Well, I think that is just how I read it but you get the idea. Regardless Kelz is my number 1! The lyrics above remind me of a string a text messages I got late one night after a Candy Rain party. I wish I still had them in my phone but I will try to do them justice.

random text: I wanna show my dick

me: who is this?

RT: genitulla neffu

Now how did I forget a man named Genitulla Neffu?

m: who?

it took a minute but then I realized he was probably talking about this dude that I call "genitalia." I am party-deaf and the first time I meet him I made him say his mame abou 5 times and every time I heard Genitalia.
"Do you know Genitalia?"

RT: yea, he my ukle

Ohhhh. ok. So you want to show your dick?

p.s. I'm wasted right now and I shouldn't be hating on grammar, especially since I almost spelled that like aligating on grammar.

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  1. ahahaaaa.... that party mishearing comment sounds exactly like something i'd do. except then i'd forget again half an hour later and we'd have to go through it all over again.