Soulja Boy Tell Em.

Via the always hilarious Awkward Boners.

Apparently he posted this on his twitter and quickly took it down. He may suck balls at rapping, but at least the boy is hung. I'm sure there are fifteen year old girls worldwide with their panties in a bunch over this flick. Nonetheless, I'm still going to take a big passer on this one. Can't get past that mug. Or the proliferation of the word "swag"--don't even get me fucking started. Swag is for OG's only. When I think swag, I think of a young Paul Newman, or, if it must be applied to the rap genre, someone like Ghostface or Rakim--not johnny-come-lately-ass-motherfuckers like this asshat. In order to have swag, one must have gravity, and this kid is a featherweight. BUT I DIGRESS.

And yo, can we talk about what's going on with his facial expression? Is he trying to make his face look skinny so his dick looks bigger? Or what?

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  1. aaaaaaaaaamazing!! whatever he is doing works, cause his dick looks huge!